Welcome to our programme of speakers for our monthly meetings


This is the programme for 2017

3rd January             Mike Wilkes - 'British Birds from Autumn to Spring'

7th February           Michael Hodgetts - 'Nicholas Owen --- Hide Builder'  
7th March                AGM & Merleen Watson - 'I'm Deaf not Daft'

4th April                   Mark Wilkins - 'The Challenges of Running an Air Ambulance Service'

2nd May                   Martin Lloyd - 'Passports, Assassins, Traitors and Spies'

6th June                   Shirley Thompson - 'The Life of an Author' (providing you are happy)

4th July                    Graham Short - 'The Smallest Art in the World'

1st August               Ted Watson - 'Folded in Dreams'

5th September         Roy Wood - 'How to enjoy a Healthy and Wealthy Retirement'

3rd October              Liz Rose - 'The Colours of Africa - A talk on African Textiles'

7th November          Max Keen - 'The Anglo-Zulu War and Two Local Victoria Cross Heroes'

5th December          Social Meeting with in-house entertainment