Welcome to our programme of speakers for our monthly meetings


This is the programme for 2018

2nd January            Roy Smart - 'Amy Johnson (Foremost Female Aviator)'

6th February           John Butterworth - 'The Nurse who changed Guinea-Bissau'
6th March                AGM & Mike Wilkes - 'Ecuadorian Wildlife of the Cloud Forest and The Galapagos  Islands'

3rd April                   Phil Griffiths - 'Stories of English Coinage'

1st May                     Ray Sturday - 'Remembering the Swinging Sixties'

5th June                   Committee Members - Various Topics

3rd July                    Martin Young - 'Warwickshire & Solihull Blood Bikes Service'

7th August               Ali Allen & Karen - 'Escape Arts and the Old Slaughterhouse'

4th September         Adrian James - 'A Garden from Scratch'

2nd October             Audrey Douglas - 'A recital: with or without students'

6th November          Graham Short - 'I was a Forger in my younger life'

4th December          Social Meeting with in-house entertainment